Welcome for 2019!

First, an important note: Before this update the meetings page was out of date. If you checked it earlier make sure to check it again for the correct details. Our next meeting is Wednesday 27th February.

We also have our first convention for the year on the weekend of March 1 – 3rd. Further details can be found on the Conventions page or on the Facebook event. Signups for the convention are now available here.

Details updated for 2019

We have now updated the About Us page with next year’s committee, and the Conventions page with the four quarterly conventions for 2018. This includes links to Facebook events for each convention, so you can save the date in advance. We are currently looking for volunteers to run the flagship LARPs at the conventions next year – if you are interested you can volunteer here.

(The Meetings page will be updated once we have the details sorted.)

Re-Ori Clubs Day and Other Semester 2 Plans

Welcome to all new and returning members!

The second semester for the year has begun, and today is Clubs Day, running from 10am to 3pm in the University Link (adjoined to the Library). We’ll have a booth there, so feel free to drop by and say hi. If you’re not already a member, it’s also a good time to sign up.

Our first meeting for this semester is the following Wednesday, the 18th of July. You can find us in Room 3 in the Otago University Burns Building (sometimes called the Arts Building) from 6pm to 10pm. We’ll be introducing new members to the club and going over what’s happening this semester, then breaking into some casual games.

That weekend (July 20th-22nd) we also have our first convention of the semester (and third con of the year). This is a weekend-long event, and is completely free. You can find more information about our conventions on the Conventions page, and we’ll have more details about this specific convention coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

Games resume this week, Convention 2 this weekend!

After the one-week break we are back on with our regular Wednesday meetings, still in the Burns building.

In the same building this weekend we also have the second weekend convention for this year. You can see the facebook event here, see the available tabletop games and sign up to them here, and join the Saturday evening larp (Lei’d To Rest by Freeform Games) by signing up here. The convention will be held at the Burns building, just like our regular meetups.

Update on Meetings

As opposed to our original schedule, we will now be holding our meetings in the Otago University Burns Building (also known as the Arts Building), meeting in Burns 3 from 6pm. The Meetings page has now been updated to reflect this.

If you have trouble finding the place, here is a handy guide:



Sorry for the short notice. This week we’ll be in the Burns building instead of clubs and socs, meeting in Room 3. We’ll likely be there next week as well, at which point we’ll decide whether we’ll go back to clubs and socs or permanently switch to Burns.

This is the same building the con was in. I noticed there was some confusion about the location during the con, so I’ve included a map below.

Join us there at 6pm for roleplaying and boardgames!