About Us

The Otago University Roleplaying Society (OURS for short) is a club for supporting roleplaying games (both tabletop and live-action), board games and other forms of tabletop gaming. We can get you in touch with other gamers, help organise regular games and provide places to play.

The club is free to join and open to veterans and newbies alike.

The easiest way to join is to come to one of our regular meetings on Wednesday evenings. We also hold four weekend-long conventions throughout the year.

To get in touch with us you can email us at otagouniroleplayers@gmail.com or post on our facebook page.

Exec Committee

These are the individuals in charge of the Roleplaying Society and your first port of call if you need anything.

President: Mackenzie Diver-Phelan

Mackenzie oversees the club as a whole, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Secretary: Michael Baker

Michael records the minutes at meetings, booking rooms and is in charge of checking the club email account.

Treasurer: Grace Auckram

Grace keeps track of the club’s funds, handles financial transactions and oversees applications for funding from OUSA.

Event Organiser: Natasha Hope-Johnstone

Natasha is in charge of organising our four quarterly conventions.

Equity Officer: Noah Graham-Walker

Noah’s job is to address any complaints of harassment or bullying. We take this kind of behavior very seriously. If you feel someone has been treating you unfairly you can contact her with complete confidentiality at otagoroleplayersequity@gmail.com. No action will be taken without your consent.