We hold four regular weekend-long roleplaying conventions throughout the year. This year’s dates are:

Convention 1: March 3-5
Convention 2: April 28-30
Convention 3: July 14-16
Convention 4: September 8-10

These conventions feature a selection of one-shot tabletop games, one or more LARPs and some casual board gaming. Admission is free and anybody is welcome.

Each convention runs in the Burns Building and will follow the same schedule:

Friday 6pm-11pm: Board games

Saturday 9am-1pm: Roleplaying Session 1
Saturday 2pm-6pm: Roleplaying Session 2
Saturday 7pm-11pm: Flagship LARP

Sunday 9am-1pm: Roleplaying Session 1
Sunday 2pm-6pm: Roleplaying Session 2
Sunday 6pm-11pm: Board games

We are happy to help organise accommodation for those who need it. Visitors from out of town can apply for billeting during preregistration or ask through our Facebook Page.

Cerberus Larp Convention

This year Dunedin is also hosting its first ever larp convention, called Cerberus. You can visit for more information.