Ongoing Games

We will be holding regular tabletop and LARP sessions throughout the year. These games are held at the OUSA Recreation Centre from 7pm to 10pm, alternating each week between tabletop roleplaying games and LARP. To see which games are being held when check the Calendar.


We organise fortnightly roleplaying games at the Recreation Centre, starting from the 9th of March. These games are intended to be open to all players regardless of experience. Once the games have started they will be listed on this page. If you are interested in running a game please try to make it on the 9th of March – if you can’t make it or want to start a game after this date we suggest posting on our Facebook group to look for players.


This year we will be running an ongoing campaign LARP in the Vampire: The Masquerade setting. The first session, including character creation, is on 1st of March, and the game runs fortnightly after that. For updates about the game keep an eye on the Dunedin LARP facebook page. For more information you can email